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Musical accompaniment on the Web

Official soundtrack to Belye Rosy. Return available online
By Boris Savostyanov

Official soundtrack to Belye Rosy. Return available online

Rosy Belye (White Dews) is the theme tune of the hit film, recorded by Switter Boys and composed by Vladimir Kondrusevich, who has written music for many foreign and Belarusian films and performances. The composition also uses Mikhail Tanich’s lyrics, from The Suffering song, performed by Nikolay Karachentsov in the first Belye Rosy (shot in 1983).

The official soundtrack for the new film has been recorded by Switter Boys and Buranovskie Babushki. Switter Boys’ Ruslan tells us, “When director Alexandra Butor invited us to record the soundtrack, she said that she’d like to conclude the film in a similar manner to the original Belye Rosy and mentioned that she wanted Buranovskie Babushki to sing the final track. We offered our co-operation but it took almost six months for us to get together, as they were either on tour or preparing for the Olympics. We’re very thankful to them for having worked with us.” The song will soon be aired on Belarusian and Russian radio stations.

Shots from the film, as well as from the film set, are used in the video: neither Switter Boys nor Buranovskie Babushki appear, having been on too tight a schedule to take part. Film producer Alexandra Butor notes that the video features a great many ‘out-takes’ — which are sure to delight viewers.

Belye Rosy. Return continues the legendary comedy, directed by Igor Dobrolyubov and shot in 1983. The Khodos brothers, from the original film, are now joined by younger family members. The premiere is scheduled for April and will appear nationwide in autumn.
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