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Much to offer patients

20th International Medicine and Health-2012 Specialised Exhibition displays services and goods offered in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Turkey, Austria, Poland, Italy, Latvia, the Czech Republic, China and Germany. Visitors were able to learn about the latest medical techniques, equipment and diagnostics, how progress is being made in preserving the health of mothers and children and how rehabilitation and sporting medicine has improved. Another section explored the promotion of healthy lifestyles
By Victor Mikhailovsky

The Medicines of Belarus seminar discussed the efficiency of domestic medications while experts, patients and journalists compiled their list of the five most interesting developments by Belarusian scientists.

Protecting the liver
Medications to help prevent and treat liver diseases (hepatoprotectors) have been the focus of Minskinterkaps enterprise. Overeating, leading to fatty deposits around the liver, excessive consumption of alcohol (or other toxic substances) and Hepatitis B and C all affect liver function.

Exercise for men
Magnomed domestic enterprise has created apparatus to help prevent and treat various dysfunctions specific to men, for use at home. Dr. Sergey Pletnev, who heads technical sciences, explains that ‘AndroSPOK’ promotes virility while ‘ArtoSPOK’ eases aching joints (including back pain), proving useful for patients suffering from diabetes and osteoporosis. Six new innovations aim to improve the quality of life for those suffering from various illnesses.

Finding and neutralising
Adani enterprise has produced a mobile digital mammography unit, allowing women greater access to mammograms. Breast cancer can more easily be spotted in its early stages, allowing it to be treated with methods other than surgery. The mobile device allows women to receive a mammogram at home, which should encourage more people to register for the service. The innovation is highly accurate and is one of the safest worldwide — as proven by tests abroad. Meanwhile, it is 4-5 times cheaper than foreign counterparts. Its advantages are clear, as assessed by specialists from around the world. Spain, Mexico and Venezuela have all bought significant numbers of the mobile device.

Assisting doctors and patients
As part of the state import-substitution programme, Belmedtechnika enterprise has released a pressure relieving mattress for hospital beds, which has been trialled by several Belarusian clinics. It is invaluable in ensuring the comfort and well-being of those obliged to remain horizontal — following surgery or due to serious burns. A patient can be easily moved on a new bed within a medical institution allowing to fulfil various examinations and the innovation is much cheaper than imported analogues.

Emergency care
Yunison enterprise’s emergency ambulance has been produced as part of the state import-substitution programme. It can be equipped with a defibrillator, cardiograph, artificial respiration unit and various other modern equipment, as needed.
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