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350 delegates represent Mogilev Region at 5th Belarusian People’s Congress, ready to discuss proposals

Much still needs to be done

350 delegates represent Mogilev Region at 5th Belarusian People’s Congress, ready to discuss proposals

The Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, Vladimir Domanevsky, underlines, “We’ve built up an independent Belarus, without shocks or hesitation. It’s a country for living, and these are more than mere words: the birth of over 64,000 babies in the past five years well confirms this. It’s comparable to the population of seven district centres, and we surely wouldn’t witness such a large birth rate were it not that living conditions are comfortable.”

The regional economy is ever developing, with industrial enterprises undergoing modernisation, among them Mogilevkhimvolokno JSC and Belshina JSC. The results of this technical revamp are evident, with the foreign trade balance rising from its negative state in 2011 to almost reach $540m by 2015.

Mr. Domanevsky stresses that the region has serious plans for social development, including construction of a surgical wing at the regional cancer facility and the launch of Shklov’s new ice rink. Kostyukovichi Sports and Recreation Complex is now under development, and local authorities are keen to reconstruct the maternity wing at the Emergency Medical Aid Hospital in Mogilev, as well as building a rehabilitation block at Osipovichi District Hospital, and schools in Krichev and Bobruisk.

These plans are impossible without a further economic boost via business initiative. Tatiana Kononchuk, who is a deputy at the National Assembly’s House of Representatives and is a participant of the 5th Belarusian People’s Congress (representing the Slavgorod District) notes measures being taken to promote the initiative. She tells us, “We’d like to focus on issues of self-employment in villages during the Congress. Farms and homesteads are being launched, with residents finding new ways to earn money, which results in more taxes entering the budget. The state should help these people by offering loans on privileged terms. Villagers are responsible and will use such funds wisely. In fact, all loans given in this way over the past five months have been repaid on time.”

The Chairman of the Chausy District Council of Deputies, Anatoly Matyulin, has focused on land development, saying, “We need to clearly outline the responsibilities of private landowners; they need to develop territories which neighbour their lands. We’re trying to keep everything in order but it’s a true challenge sometimes, because of contradictory legislation. We need to introduce clear definitions, making small towns more attractive to residents and guests.”

By Pavel Minaev
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