Moving up in the world due to good dynamics

Belarus ahead of China, Russia and Kazakhstan in prosperity rating

By Vladimir Mikheev

Belarus ahead of China, Russia and Kazakhstan in prosperity rating

Belarus has moved up from 58th to 53rd place in the 2014 Prosperity Index, published by the British Legatum Institute, ahead of China (54th), Kazakhstan (55th), Ukraine (63rd), Russia (68th), Azerbaijan (79th) and Moldova (89th). Russia is ranked lowest in Europe, falling seven places since 2013, while Kazakhstan has dropped eight positions since last year.

Prosperity of country brings prosperity of citizens
Prosperity of country brings prosperity of citizens

Norway leads again, followed by Switzerland again in second position, while New Zealand has moved up three places on last year’s index. The top ten most prosperous countries in the world include Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Finland, the Netherlands, and the USA.

The UK is recognised as the most prosperous among the largest European countries, placed 13th overall, while Germany is in 14th place, France is 21st, Spain occupies 26th place and Italy is 37th.

Lithuania is ranked 42nd while Latvia occupies 44th place. Greece is 59th, followed by Romania.

Among the largest developing countries, Brazil is ranked 49th, China is 54th, Mexico occupies 64th position, Indonesia is 71st, Turkey is 86th, and India is 102nd. The Central African Republic finishes bottom of the rankings.

The Legatum Institute Index has assessed 142 countries, representing more than 96 percent of the world’s population and 99 percent of global GDP. The Index Legatum Institute evaluates eight categories: the economy, education, healthcare, personal freedom, security, business opportunities, management, and social capital.
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