More Marriages Than Ever

Last year Brest’s marriage palace registered 1,741 marriages, more than ever
The new record is above the previous average of about 1,500 by more than 200 new families. The palace was established 23 years ago, but the pleasant figure never reached 1,700.

“Brides and grooms are getting a bit older. The average age for girls is about 22, and for young men around 24. Only 14 marriages with underage brides or grooms were registered last year,” the director of the palace, Valentina Semanyuk, said.

Besides, more jubilee marriages were registered in Brest, for there has appeared a new tradition to celebrate not only gold and silver marriages, 50 and 25 years, but also porcelain, crystal and even wooden marriages, 20, 15 and five years, respectively. The palace had to open one more room for ceremonies to deal with the enjoyable statistics.
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