The embassy of Iraq can revive its activity in Belarus next year
“In the near future we count on the essential expansion of Arabian diplomatic presence in the Belarusian capital: the solution of a question on opening of the Honorary consulate of the Sultanate of Oman in Belarus is on its final stage. There are good perspectives of opening of the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Belarus. This means that interest to our country in Arabian community grows”, — reported the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Viktor Gaysenok to our correspondent.

He also added that Belarus will have more possibilities to activate trade and economic cooperation and to realize big joint projects if new diplomatic representative offices of Arabian states appear in Minsk.

During 16 years of independent development Belarus established diplomatic relations with all Arabian countries. Belarusian embassies were opened in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. Until the beginning of military actions in Iraq in 2003 a diplomatic representative office of our country to Baghdad functioned.

The practice of ambassadors’ accreditation is being pluralistically used in an active way. The embassy of the United Arab Emirates to Belarus, which is accredited pluralistically in Bahrein, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, carries out work with the main partners of Belarus in the Persian Gulf. Cooperation development with Lebanon and Jordan is included into the sphere of responsibility of a Belarusian foreign institution in Syria. The embassy of Belarus to Egypt is occupied with cooperation issues of our republic and Sudan.

In Belarus function diplomatic missions of Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, the Honorary consulate of Lebanon.
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