Moneybox of exact shots

Montreal Canadiens’ Belarusian forward, Andrey Kostitsyn, opens score of NHL 95th season

By Igor Khadasevich

In the 2nd minute of the home match against Calgary, Andrey Kostitsyn efficiently shot his team ahead. During a change-over of players, he joined Max Pacioretty in making a counterattack against defender Derek Smith. Pacioretty shot from the left flank, sending the puck behind the goal. However, it rebounded, allowing Kostitsyn to hit it into the empty corner of the net.

Unfortunately, there was little other cause for joy for the 21,000 Montreal fans crowded into the Bell Centre Stadium during their first home match. In the middle of the first period, Montreal saw its defence falter, leading to its rivals scoring three goals. Despite valiant efforts to save the match in the second and third periods, the squad lost 1:4.

The younger of the Kostitsyn brothers, Sergey, also did well, helping set up goals for the third match in a row. His goal pass failed to please Nashville fans with victory in their first home game of the season.

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