Mogotex textiles fashion to attract Americans’ attention

Mogilev’s Mogotex fabrics help set spring-summer 2014 trends at New York exhibition
By Vladimir Mikhailovsky

Two decorative fabric samples made by Mogotex have drawn attention at the International Texworld USA 2013 trade fair. According to the Director General of the enterprise, Victor Matievich, this was his company’s second trip to the prestigious exhibition, presenting products to American consumers and meeting the leadership of the American Apparel and Footwear Association, alongside those from member enterprises. Conversation covered the requirements of American companies, alongside prospects for co-operation between enterprises from our two countries.

“The main outcome of our negotiations is a joint strategy to promote Belarusian textiles and ready products to the American market. It will take about 18-24 months to come to full fruition but, if we can sell our products there, it will guarantee export revenue and market diversity, bringing new prospects for development and increasing production volumes,” Mr. Matievich emphasises.

Mogotex intends to become a member of the American Apparel and Footwear Association, allowing it to sell to major textile enterprises. “In the near future, we’ll prepare our application, detailing a well-prepared logistical chain covering customs clearance and delivery. We’ll need recommendations from foreign partners, to show our financial security and reliability in making high-quality deliveries on time,” explains the Director General.

The New York trade fair saw American consumers most interested in Mogotex textiles suitable for police uniforms. Mr. Matievich notes that, thanks to large-scale modernisation, his enterprise can produce high quality, competitively priced fabrics. Last year, Mogotex exported to 18 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Finland and Serbia. In total, 67 percent of its output was exported. “For the first time, in 2012, Mogotex surpassed $70m of exports, with foreign trade surplus standing at $45m. In the pre-crisis year of 2008, we managed to export $46m of goods. Our huge improvement is down to the technical re-equipment of our main production line. Investment — from state and company funds — is having a significant economic impact,” asserts the Director General of Mogotex.
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