Modest author transferred his eloquence onto canvas

Abram Kutikov’s personal art exhibition — The Time of Pisces — allowed the spectators to become familiar with an interesting and original master
Abram Kutikov’s personal art exhibition — The Time of Pisces — allowed the spectators to become familiar with an interesting and original master.

At the exhibition by Abram Kutikov at Minsk’s Arts Palace

Everyone who saw this exhibition in the Minsk Palace of Arts, but was not familiar with the artist, must have thought he was one of the innovative and famous avant-garde. Some of his works displayed are truly startling, but this is not reflected in the artist’s personality. When Abram Kutikov is near his work, one would never guess he was responsible for their surrealistic content. The author resembles a common provincial man, who behaves in a modest unassuming manner.

The current exhibition is a retrospective display of the works of the artist and teacher Abram Kutikov. It incorporates the last 35 years of his creative output.

There’s what to contemplate about

Artists are fond of saying that one paints as one lives, if this is the case, Abram Kutikov paints with a whiff of another age, the era he grew up in. He was born in the middle of the last century, but modern times are also reflected in his art. His pieces illustrate the close interdependence of the two ages — ‘Pisces’ and ‘Aquarius’. The epoch of ‘Pisces’ is the time of searching for spirituality. It is seen in a number of Kutikov’s works devoted to spiritual, philosophical and social searching: Suppression of Activity, Awakening, Time of Pisces, His Electorate and others. The epoch of ‘Aquarius’ promises a time of incredible scientific and technical discovery. The idea of the achievement of a utopian ideal has found a place in a number of his works: World outside the Window, Futurum Perfekt…

Picture from the exhibition

Abram Kutikov is a sensitive artist who captures the winds of change and embodies them in unusual, original pictures. The well-known avant-garde artist Alexander Rodin, commenting on Kutikov, explains that his many works, especially his more modern pieces, are related to abstract realism. Resting on an excellent professional education and a good grasp of graphic techniques, the artist creates images that enrich the fine art of Belarus. The artist’s works are kept in many private collections in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, the USA and Israel.


Abram Kutikov was born on December 24th 1939, in the Gomel Region. He completed Minsk Art College (painting and drawing department), the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute with a degree in ‘industrial design’ (1970), after which he was sent to work in Central Research and Production-Engineering Institute of Organisation and Management Technology. From 1974 until 2005 he worked as a teacher of painting in the secondary school #26 of Minsk which specialises in art.

By Veniamin Mikheev
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