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Minsk Automobile Plant to make its first euro-4 compatible truck by June
Minsk Automobile Plant, or MAZ, plans to produce in May its first truck compatible with euro-4 standards. According to an official with the public relations office of the plant, the truck tractor will be powered by a Daimler-Chrysler engine. The new truck will require special fuel, which is to be provided by the Mozyr-based oil refinery.

Belarus’ production association BelavtoMAZ, which includes MAZ, plans to introduce and develop production of a line of products compatible with euro-3, euro-4 and then euro-5 standards. At present MAZ makes trucks that meet euro-2 and euro-3 standards. MAZ ceased production of euro-1 trucks. MAZ is the first plant of the CIS that started making machinery that meets international ecology, economy, safety and reliability standards. In order to increase the share of modern trucks MAZ has launched a massive upgrade lately. The plant plans to spend $292 million until 2010, which means $50 million to $60 million every year to make energy-saving and ecologically-friendly machinery.

This year MAZ plans to produce about 21,000 trucks.
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