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Mission completed, results ready for declaration

Belarus and Germany could considerably advance co-operation
Belarus and Germany could considerably advance co-operation, notes Alexander Lukashenko, on meeting Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany to Belarus, H.E. Mr. Wolfram Maas, as he ends his time with his diplomatic mission in our country.

H.E. Mr. Wolfram Maas

Wolfram Maas has worked as the German Ambassador to Belarus since 2012 and, as is traditional, visited the President to bid him farewell. Although relations with Germany are ‘ambiguous’, there have been efforts to strengthen inter-state interaction and our trade turnover reached $5bn in our recent best years.

There are no obstacles to trade, and 361 enterprises with German capital are currently registered on Belarusian territory. However, Belarusian-German political dialogue has some way to go. Germany and Europe have been making overtures to extend constructive contacts and, undoubtedly, diplomacy plays a significant role in this process.

Mr. Lukashenko noted during his meeting that Belarus is prioritising collaboration with Germany and is implementing various projects, taking into account the experience of this country. In particular, German standards, equipment and technologies can be used to modernise Belarusian manufacturing.

The President wishes to develop relations with Germany, saying, “If we join efforts, we can advance relations between Belarus and Germany.”

The Head of State underlined, “If we come to an agreement and promote common interests, we’ll become responsible partners and will be ready to implement joint agreements, while discussing any topic or issue.”

The Head of State praised the efforts of Wolfram Maas to strengthen Belarusian-German relations, adding, “I thank you for your constructive position as Ambassador to Belarus. You did your best to promote understanding between our nations. You never acted to create tension between Belarus and Germany and you understand our situation, appreciating well the history of our relations. You were a wise and tactful ambassador.”

By Vasily Kharitonov
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