Mirrored World

A photo exhibition “180 Degrees” took place in the “Podzemka” gallery, which is popular among young artists
Mirrors and shadows are a reality turned by 180 degrees. Students of Arts Faculty of the Arts Academy Marina Lukash and Marina Moroz said, this world is richer and more interesting than that the humans are accustomed to. By taking pictures of it reflected in puddles on the pavement, on walls in the streets, in glass constructions, the girls attempted to change the attitude to the stereotype: if look down, you won’t see the sky.

We are accustomed to the belief that the higher planes of existence is somewhere above us, in the sky, not under our feet. Intricate phantom shadows of people, things are far from this reality. By the way, young artists have taken to checking a picture by its mirrored image. If the author likes the mirrored image, the picture was done well.

“We practically did the same thing”, says Marina Lukash. “By taking photos of mirrored objects, we checked the existing reality for flaws. We have discovered an unusual world. Most unpretentious things after the first glance turned out to be worth admiring. Shadows and reflections turned out to have a character of their own, individuality. And asphalt is so filmable. We even thought the mirrored world looks back at us”.
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