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Minsk welcomes guests

On May 9th, Minsk hosted the opening of the IIHF World Championship
Belarus knows the true value of victory and of a peaceful life. Victory Day has always been a special, solemn and reassuring day in the country which lost a third of its residents during the war.

This year, we’re celebrating it in a special atmosphere, with a big sporting event becoming a true gift for this year’s commemorations.

On May 9th, Minsk hosted the opening of the IIHF World Championship. The country deserved the right to host this representative sporting holiday due to its contribution in the development of world sport, including hockey, and in the strengthening of peace and stability on the planet.

Belarus clearly demonstrates its openness and hospitality to the whole world. Those who wish to visit Minsk these days don’t need a visa — a ticket to at least one hockey match is enough.

Contemporary ice arenas have been constructed to welcome participants and guests of the ice battles, alongside new hotels and restaurants. Leisure areas have been prepared, as well as a big cultural and entertaining programme. None will be bored during the competitions.

The guests of the championship will be able to support their favourite teams in comfortable conditions, while also being able to open up Belarus for themselves — a country with a rich history and huge potential for development, a land of hard-working and hospitable people who honour their history and national culture, enjoy sports and treat everyone kindly, regardless of nationality and religion.
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