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Minsk to host European Boxing Championship

Turkish Trabzon hosts European Boxing Confederation’s Executive Committee session, determining venue of 2013 European Championship

By Dmitry Komarov

Belarus was among three candidates (alongside Holland and Serbia) applying to host the event. However, at the last moment, the Serbians dropped out, leaving Belarus clearly unrivalled.

Commenting on the results of the vote, the Chairman of the Belarusian Boxing Federation, Dmitry Tikhomolov, notes, “Our major advantages were our perfectly prepared presentation and comfortable conditions for tournament entrants. The members of the Confederation’s Executive Committee also mentioned Belarus’ experience in organising sports tournaments on an international scale, as well as brilliant boxing traditions.”

The official announcement has only confirmed the first impressions of candidates, with Minsk winning unanimously.
The Belarusian capital last hosted the European Boxing Championship in 1998, gathering 180 of the strongest fighters from 38 states, at the Sports Palace. Belarus’ Vadim Mezga and Sergey Bykovsky claimed bronze while Sergey Dychkov won silver.

The qualification round has also brought good Olympic news for the Belarusian team, with Vazgen Safaryants and Mikhail Dolgolevets earning tickets for London this summer. Safaryants (under 60kg) beat Georgian Koba Pkhakadze in a difficult quarter-final match. In the under 81kg, in which Dolgolevets fought, three Olympic tickets were up for grabs; Turkish Bahram Muzaffer won the tournament, also leaving a London place for the Belarusian.

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