Mikhail Grabovsky surpasses the rest

Forward of national Belarusian team and of Canadian Toronto Maple Leaves named best 2010/2011 Belarusian hockey player

An annual poll among hockey experts and sporting reporters has named Grabovsky, 27, as Belarus’ top hockey player, way ahead of his nearest rival, Sergey Kostitsyn. The latter also plays in the forward position — for Belarus’ team and USA’s Nashville. Andrey Mezin, the Belarusian national team’s goalkeeper, from Dinamo Minsk, is placed third. This is the second time that Mikhail Grabovsky has received the honour (previously, in 2009).

Last season, Mikhail earned 58 points over 81 matches, making him the best Belarusian forward in the NHL, while being third among the Toronto Maple Leaves. His is the best seasonal result for any Belarusian ice hockey player in the NHL. The previous record belongs to Montreal forward Andrey Kostitsyn, who ended the 2007/2008 season with 53 points over 78 matches. Mikhail has also set a new landmark for Belarus in the number of scored points in the regular NHL championship. Moreover, he was a huge asset to the Belarusian national squad at the World Championship held in Slovakia, earning 4 points over 6 matches.

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