Melody forming part of the brand identity

Research conducted to prepare Minsk brand
By Andrey Afanasiev

A study is being conducted to discover how Minskers perceive the capital and their own identity. Besides a logo, a branded colour, font, and other visual elements, it is also planned to record an official anthem for the city. This could be used in the future to accompany Belarus’ e-news.

Minsk City Executive Committee has allocated Br300m for the creation of the brand, with additional funds provided by sponsors; many companies have already expressed their desire to participate. As announced earlier, British INSTID is to design the city brand, having won a tender in mid-June (organised by the Minsk City Executive Committee’s Tender Centre). 
Chosen over nine other applications, famous British specialists will be working on the project, including Jeremy Hildreth — who worked on brands for Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Northern Ireland. He is to be joined by David Adam — who headed the creation of London’s brand. Carl Glover is to be the chief designer and photographer — known for working on CD covers for Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.

The British team is to work on Minsk’s brand until late 2012, designing a logo and city corporate style, the last will be presented on postcards, brochures, city points and public transport. Moreover, the British experts are to offer master classes and lectures for Belarusian specialists in the field of design, photography and city decoration. INSTID also plans to launch a special Internet site providing information on its work, where users will be able to share views and participate voluntarily.In line with the terms of the tender, the winner will need to conduct a sociological poll, develop a brand concept and prepare Minsk’s brand on paper and in electronic form.
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