Melodies of maple leaves

The 9th International Musical Festival “Zolotoi Shlyager” (Golden Hit) was a success in Mogilev
One fact speaks more convincingly than any delighted reports about the past song forum: tickets to all concerts were sold out — around 10 thousand people came to listen to good old songs and see their favourite singers. TV viewers could enjoy the show by Shlyager performers on the First National TV Channel. But some things were left outside the camera’s view…

Festival participants planted an alley of maples as a symbol of “Zolotoi Shlyager”. The alley is planned to become the start of a park named after “Zolotoi Shlyager”. During future festivals every participant will plant a tree. By the way, for the first time festival currency was introduced — maplers. Shlyager participants paid for meals at the cafй and the restaurant, which cater to the festival, using the maplers.

The most extravagant press conference was called by members of the international project “Salsa Boys”, who presented a programme “Brazilian Carnival Rhymes”. Instead of telling reporters about dances the artists decided to show what dances are. Right in the press centre they started teaching the reporters samba moves.

Minsk band “Psalmyary” won the Grand Prix — a bronze bust of Vladimir Mulyavin made by sculptor Alexander Botvinenok and $1500 — in the contest named after Vladimir Mulyavin. It is a pity the contest was a national one, no foreigners took part in it.

On the whole, one can state the song holiday was a success. It is possible for the festival now held every other year to become annual. The organisers say they like the idea. If it is implemented, visitors will be pleasantly surprised.

Pavel Minchenko
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