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Meetings expand acquaintance

Turkey Through Poets’ Eyes literary and music soiree hosted by Minsk’s House of Friendship
By Galina Nenasheva

According to Nina Ivanova, the Chair of the Presidium of the Belarusian Society of Friendship and Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries, the meeting marked Turkey’s National Day. She views such meetings as a good tradition, bringing us closer to understanding Turkish culture, history and traditions. The Belarusian Society of Friendship and Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries joined forces with the Belarus-Turkey Society to organise events, which gathered the intelligentsia, students and representatives of the Turkish diaspora. The packed House of Friendship was the best proof of mutual interest in expanding Belarusian-Turkish cultural relations.

Members of the Union of Writers of Belarus, Irina Tulupova and Alina Legostayeva, who had recently visited Turkey as part of a Belarusian delegation, shared their impressions of its people and countryside. Meanwhile, Belarusian and Turkish youngsters (including winners of various international music contests) were prominent in reciting poetry in Belarusian and Turkish. Belarusian university students recited verses in Turkish, having been studying keenly for several years. Of course, knowledge of language promotes acquaintance with a country’s culture, which is the best basis for expanding contacts between states.

Ms. Ivanova is confident that cultural co-operation between Belarus and Turkey will gain additional impetus, as is the ultimate goal of the Belarus-Turkey Society.
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