Exposition of 12-year old Belarusian painter Yaroslav Safonov opened in Bonn
Exhibition named “Youth and wisdom” was held at Central Library of Bonn.
The project was arranged by Culture Department of Bonn (sister town to Minsk) under the auspices of German Embassy to Belarus. Picture show of Yaroslav Safonov was included into agenda of youth literature festival “Kapt’n Book”, held for the third time in a row.

Since his five, Yaroslav Safonov, a native of Brest, has been attending a graphic arts studio under the city House of creative children. The young painter is a prize-winner of International contest of drawings “Friendship-2000” held in Germany. Yaroslav Safonov’s works have already been displayed in Russia and Great Britain.

And this summer about 30 of his works were demonstrated at his personal exhibition in National museum of history and culture of Belarus.
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