Master’s hand felt through centuries

Ivan Khrutsky’s works exhibited at Tretyakov Gallery for first time

By Eduard Pivovarov

The State Tretyakov Gallery has dedicated several halls to an exhibition of works by prominent Belarusian artist. It has already hosted the Ivan Khrutsky: Art Through Dialogue of Cultures exhibition, which marks the end of the Year of Belarusian Culture in Russia. Moreover, this year also celebrates the 200th anniversary of Khrutsky’s birth — as registered on the UNESCO List of Memorable Dates. The Moscow exhibition includes 32 paintings, with 23 provided by the National Art Museum of Belarus and nine from the Tretyakov Gallery’s archive. The collections allow Khrutsky’s creativity to be represented in its entirety, showcasing not only his famous still-life paintings, but also portraits, landscapes and paintings of interiors.

The organisers of the exhibition expect it to be very popular. Belarus has the most complete and interesting collection of the artist’s works, but this is the first time they have been exhibited in Moscow. The paintings from the Tretyakov Gallery’s collection have almost never been seen before either, having been acquired recently, or having been under long-term restoration. To the Holy Place and Cupids with Garlands are on display for the first time.
The exhibition includes one painting well known to all Belarusians, even those who know little of fine arts: Ivan Khrutsky’s still-life which is depicted on the Br1,000 banknote of the National Bank of Belarus.

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