Marriages registered not only in Heaven

It’s a Minsk tradition for newly-weds to go to the Pobedy Monument or the Island of Tears for photographs, honouring our ancestors. Now, marriage ceremonies can actually be performed in front of these beautiful monuments.
By Victor Andreev

Fashionable couples have married while parachute jumping or under water but Belarus’ Justice Ministry only recognises ceremonies organised at specific sites: cultural institutions and historical places nominated by local executive committees. Register office employees can travel to any place in their district.

Over the past year, informal marriage ceremonies have become popular at Nesvizh. Sergey Klimov, Director of the Nesvizh Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, monitors weddings at Radziwill Castle, to ensure they are held in strict compliance with ancient traditions.

“We invite actors from the House of Culture to dress in medieval costume. It’s vital that newly-weds feel the atmosphere of another age, remembering the day as the beginning of their joint life ahead. We organise ceremonies in the Town Hall but also plan to allow weddings in the castle itself. It won’t be cheap, costing at least $500 per hour, but such services cost $5,000 per hour at Trakai Castle in Lithuania.”
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