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Marko manufactures its 55-millionth pair of shoes

Marko landmark is a pair of size 38 women’s short boots from Marko Trend autumn-winter collection
The pair of short boots will go on sale in the shops soon, a certificate in the box entitling the purchaser to an additional pair of footwear. The Director General of Marko Holding, Nikolay Martynov, notes that production is expanding. He tells us, “It’s symbolic that the landmark event has taken place in the production workshop of Marko Managing Company, while the holding includes four footwear enterprises. If we divide this 55 million pairs across 25 years, we see a production average of slightly more than two million pairs per year. However, we need to understand that, in the early years, we made just 100,000-200,000 pairs. Now, we manufacture about 4 million pairs annually and plan to reach 5 million by 2018.” 

Packer Oksana Soroko and Marko’s Director General, Nikolay Martynov

A manufacturing facility with a production capacity of a million pairs per year is soon to be launched in the Brest Region’s Beloozersk. “Over the next two years, we have two main goals: opening a fur factory and ensuring profits,” asserts Mr. Martynov.

Alongside four footwear companies, the holding also includes Vitma enterprise, manufacturing haberdashery, a retail community network (embracing more than 50 dedicated stores countrywide), and the former Vitebsk Fur Factory, undergoing modernisation. Goods made by the holding are sold countrywide, as well as being exported, with most dispatched to Russia and some to the Baltic States.

By Anton Mudrogin
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