Magical art of dancing performed by Sozhski Karagod

Gomel hosts 7th International Sozhski Karagod Festival of Choreography
By Yuri Pinchuk

Yekaterina Degtyareva, the Acting Head of the Department for Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Issues, for Gomel City Executive Committee, tells us that the contest involved over 20 groups — from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Serbia, India and elsewhere. The festival featured around 2,500 people — an impressive figure — and was hosted by Tsentralny Stadium, in the regional centre. 

The opening night featured a magical show inspired by the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. As ever, a fire drama was organised, as was a contest of ballroom dancing, entitled Golden Lynx. Both events always enjoy great popularity with audiences. The jury was headed by Artistic Leader and Chief Ballet Master of Khoroshki Dance Company, Valentina Gaevaya.

Various other Gomel venues also took part, promoting the wonderful art of dancing, and the event finished with festive fireworks in each of Gomel’s districts. Residents also celebrated city day, with various cultural and sporting sites opening especially in time for the event. Ms. Degtyareva notes that an arts school has been launched in one Gomel district, alongside a Palace of Water Sports.
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