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Luck smiles on young singer Yegor Zheshko

Yegor tried his hand at the Song for Eurovision national children’s contest last year but luck only winked at him. This year, following a public vote via Belarus 1 TV Channel, Yegor will be representing Belarus in Amsterdam on December 1st, competing for the title of best young European pop singer.
By Viktor Afanasiev

Junior Eurovision is the most successful for Belarus among international music competition, with two victories to date: in 2005 for Ksenia Sitnik and in 2007 for Alexey Zhigalkovich. Every year, our young talents do well at the event and there is little doubt that Zheshko will also prove popular. During the national selection rehearsal, his stage presence and charisma were evident.

Yegor’s voice coach, Valery Shmat, is the Artistic Director of Belarusy, which runs the Golden Voices Studio for children. Zheshko has long been singing with Mr. Shmat, whose expectations are high. He tells us, “Yegor sings confidently and, even if he is nervous before a performance, can focus well on stage, smiling and enchanting the audience.”

Yelena Budritsova, Head of Belteleradiocompany Department of TV Programmes for children and young people, is reluctant to raise our hopes, saying, “All the participants are at approximately the same level, singing beautiful songs, although few are catchy. Our finalist will have to work hard to stand out but he certainly has potential.”
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