Law of energy conservation

This year is dedicated to grand industry modernisation of the domestic economy, including the implementation of over a hundred energy saving projects
By Vladimir Khromov

One such foresees the raising of production of quarry machinery at BelAZ, while Minsk Motor Plant is to produce high endurance iron castings and a new mill is being built at the Belarusian Steel Works in Zhlobin. 

Energy consumption is to be reduced by almost a third, with the country’s timber industry supplying not only wood fuel but also being a role model for energy saving. For example, Vileika forestry is to gain LED lighting and Ostrovets forestry is to produce heating from its own raw wood materials. Rogachev will receive new boilers and drying facilities, while the forestry in Klichev will gain automated equipment for producing machine-rounded timber.

“Enterprises across Belarus use about 2,000 boilers at present,” explains the Head of the Presidium at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Piotr Vityaz. “However, every year, only about 10-12 electric and one or two gas furnaces are replaced, and only at larger enterprises.” He believes that a review of the relevant programme of technical re-equipment and modernisation is required, so that more fuel-efficient boilers can be gradually introduced.

The energy audit of enterprises and organisations is on going, led by the Institute of Energy at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Its findings guide energy saving measures, drawn up with great professionalism, in hand with those working at enterprises. Naturally, long term savings and energy efficiency are the goal, explains Professor Victor Brodyansky, of the Moscow Energy Institute. His twelve rules of energy consumption are based on understanding of energy production and practical experience, as well as theoretical knowledge, including the use of insulation of thermodynamic systems and efficient distribution of heat. Guidelines have been placed online to help individual sites in their energy saving.
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