Know-how helps keep touch with the world

TIBO demonstrates technologies to make life more convenient

By Roman Afanasiev

IT is helping Belarusian residents receive many new services: monitoring car security, starting and blocking of an engine from the other side of the city and medical observation during foreign trips, 24 hours a day.

Traditionally, the International Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies (TIBO), held in Minsk in late April, gives us a glimpse into our ‘technological tomorrow’. This time, over 200 companies from 12 states presented their exhibits at the show.

Beltelecom demonstrated the latest 3D interactive television, allowing viewers to feel as if they are at the centre of events. The company’s stand also exhibited a special home telephone, designed to allow videocalls and control electrical devices. Meanwhile, MTS mobile operator joined leading foreign manufacturers to show how mobile subscribers can ‘protect’ their cars remotely, monitor their blood pressure and sugar content, or receive online consultations from their doctor while travelling abroad.

Traditional services are improving all the time, with Belpochta already offering electronic postage stamps and hybrid mail, combining electronic and ordinary ‘paper’ mail. Last year, it also created catalogues, allowing customers to select and order goods from domestic manufacturers; over 5,000 orders have been fulfilled so far. Online ordering is possible from Belpochta’s website now.

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