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Smilovichi’s Felting Factory delivering felt boots to Canada

Keeping Canadian feet warm

Last September, the Belarusian enterprise concluded a contract to deliver its unique boots to Canada, shipping to Montreal. The first batch of ‘Harmony’ boots has now arrived, designed specifically for the sophisticated Western market. Meanwhile, the Canadians are keen to purchase natural fibre blankets in various sizes and patterns — including those for children.

Smilovichi felt boots
Smilovichi felt boots

Belarusians have long been able to enjoy felt goods, which are sold in all of the capital’s larger shops and in those across regional centres. However, Smilovichi Felting Factory exports 70 percent of its output. Orders for autumn-winter 2014/2015 began arriving in mid-August, with felt boots destined for Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. The enterprise has been focusing on increasing export volumes to the USA, particularly the West coast; in 2013, it concluded a major, long-term contract with a firm from California, with two batches of boots already sent. Deliveries to the East coast, in particular, to Florida, are now being studied.

The enterprise currently produces about 30 models of felt boots, and continues to create new designs, including those with lace and colour inserts. Smilovichi Felting Factory is situated in the Cherven District, in the Minsk Region, and is the only such in Belarus (part of Bellegprom Concern) and one of just a handful across the CIS. It also produces technical felt, blankets and pillows, as well as bathroom items.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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