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October of decades and centuries past comes to life

Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

October of decades and centuries past comes to life

October of decades and centuries past comes to lifeOctober 24th. In 1957, Georgy Derenchuk was born — a famous Belarusian diving instructor and a Master of Sports of the USSR.

October 25th. In 1933, Ninel Schastnaya was born in Polotsk — an artist and an Honoured Figure of Arts of Belarus. In 2007, a gallery opened bearing her name.

October 26th. In 1923, Sergey Lupikov was born in the village of Besedovichi, in the Gomel Region’s Klimovichi District. He became a full cavalier of the Order of Glory.

October 27th. In 1909, Soviet Union Hero Eduard Lavrinovich was born in the village of Kulakovo, in the Vitebsk Region’s Drisna District. During the Great Patriotic War, he helped lead the partisan movement within Belarusian territory.

October 28th. In 1884, Belarusian actor, director and theatrical figure Florian Zhdanovich was born: a founder of Belarusian professional theatre who was the first to head BGT-1 (now known as the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre).

October 29th. In 1924, Honoured Artiste of Belarus Oktyabrina Meldyukova was born. She acted for the Yakub Kolas Belarusian Theatre, performing various leading dramatic roles.

October 28th. In 1945, wasteland was designated for the landscaping of Pobedy Park, near Lake Komsomolskoe.

October 30th. In 1905, People’s Artist of Belarus Andrey Bembel was born. He sculpted reliefs for Minsk’s House of Government, and for the Pobedy (Victory) Monument, as well as creating statues of Nikolay Gastello and Alexander Matrosov.

October 24th. In 1894, the S. Shatskina Musical School opened in Minsk.

October 25th. In 1939, regular passenger railway transportation launched between Minsk and Baranovichi.

October 26th. In 1935, Minsk’s radio office began installing wired-radio outlets in the flats of Minsk’s best workers.

October 26th. In 1956, the Belarusian SSR signed the IAEA charter, which was ratified on March 18th, 1957.

October 26th. In 2001, ‘Krivichi’ monument was installed in Polotsk, to honour the city’s founders (sculpted by Alexander Shaternik).

October 27th. In 1988, the Belarusian Scientific-Production Association of Meat and Milk Products was established.

October 27th. In 1989, the first issue of Belaruski Chas (Belarusian Time) newspaper was released by professional unions: published weekly in Belarusian and Russian until 1990 — and known in later years as Pratsa (Work).

October 28th. In 1928, Vitebsk’s Plywood Factory (now known as the Vitebskdrev PA Wood-Processing Factory) produced its first manufactures.

October 28th. In 2002, Belavia launched its regular Minsk-Riga-Stockholm-Minsk flight.

October 29th. In 1952, the Pedagogical Institute opened in Polotsk (united with Vitebsk’s Pedagogical Institute in 1958).

October 29th. In 1954, Mogilev’s Regional Drama Theatre opened in the building formerly housing Pinsk’s Regional Drama Theatre (which moved to Mogilev).

October 29th. In 1959, the Belarusian State Dance Ensemble was established.

October 29th. In 1959, the Republican House of DOSAAF (Voluntary Association for Assisting the Army, Air Force and Navy) opened in Minsk.

October 29th. In 1991, Belarus’ Association of Veterans was established.

October 30th. In 1921, the Belarusian State University opened in Minsk.

October 30th. In 1954, a new circus building began construction, located at the intersection of Minsk’s Stalin Avenue and Yanka Kupala Street: designed by architect Zhukov.

October 30th. In 1973, Mogilev’s Synthetic Fibre Plant launched its first manufactures.

October 30th. In 1982, the Yakub Kolas Museum-Mansion, in Akinchitsy, opened to tourists (as a branch of the poet’s Literary Museum). The house features a memorial plaque reading: ‘People’s Poet of Belarus Yakub Kolas was born here on November 3rd, 1882’.

October 30th. In 1989, Nesvizh’s Local History Museum was founded.

October 30th. In 2000, a monument was erected in the courtyard of the Belarusian State University, honouring Belarusian enlighteners Symon Budny and Vasily Tyapinsky. In 2001, a monument to Kirill Turovsky was added.
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