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Belarusian computer elite are repidly growing significantly younger

Belarusian computer elite are repidly growing significantly younger
By Vera Artemieva

Belarusian computer elite are repidly growing significantly younger

Today, even senior citizens are able to use computers and smartphones, with middle-aged and younger people embracing the latest technologies with great eagerness. Belarus has gained some reputation as a creator of software — such as game and communication programmes for Android: ‘Viber’, ‘Tanchiki’ and ‘Veselaya Ferma’ (Funny Farm — translated into more than 20 languages). As the writers emphasise, with some patriotism, it’s the result of good quality Belarusian education following an innovative international approach.

Champions of the BSUIR Open — Bsuir_Power team

Of course, besides producing games, our specialists have created software to manage information and that with a social purpose, such as for controlling traffic flow. Our everyday lives are easier, thanks to the use of computer software quietly behind the scenes. Even the Constitution and Criminal Code are easily accessible, having been digitised and placed in a database.

Our programmers win prizes at international contests every year, including championships for programming. Sergey Maskevich, Minister for Education, notes that this international recognition of the Belarusian Programming School is confirmed by TopCoder Corporation’s rating of Belarusian programmers among the top five worldwide.

Our computer elite, on average, are younger each year, creating software for the social and educational spheres, to suit our Belarusian society. A recent application for Android-smartphones provides video instructions for laboratory work in physics, for Year 6 pupils: written by pupils of Plisa school, in the Smolevichi District. With their teacher, they have plans to create an online encyclopaedia dedicated to the district and the school and a mobile supplement dedicated to Belarusian folklore.
Gymnasia pupil Alexander Smolik can remember 100,000 words from the Russian-Belarusian dictionary, about 50,000 words from the Belarusian-Russian dictionary, and about 100,000 words from the definition dictionary of Belarusian language: evidence of the popularisation of the Belarusian language. He is eager to put his talent to good use, which has inspired his creation of the ‘Angel’ application (helping find people) and ‘’ (deterring parking offences).

There is no doubt that Belarusian IT has huge potential, guiding our youngsters towards the domestic programming school. Sadly, at present, around 90 percent of the software created in Belarus is for foreign companies, which takes the profits abroad. The main task for tomorrow is not only to create but to provide service support.
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