IT sphere among best for employment

High-tech specialists are the most highly paid workers countrywide
According to the National Statistical Committee of Belarus, last month, those employed in the IT sphere earned the biggest salaries: averaging Br11.5m (approx. $1,300). The production of coke, oil products and nuclear materials is also among the most highly-paid spheres, with air transport, architecture and engineering services close behind (averaging $1,000 as their monthly salary). Those working in the social sphere are earning the least: about Br3m ($350). Those in cinema and film production and education, as well as the repair of household goods and personal appliances, take home similar sums.

Real salaries have risen in all spheres except for IT, since May 2012, with maximum growth (34 percent) registered in architecture and engineering. IT salaries have actually fallen by 3 percent in real terms. The average monthly salary countrywide in May stood at almost Br5m ($575) — up almost 17 percent on last May.
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