It is impossible in politics to insulate oneself with an iron curtain

Belarus stands for the formation of a multipolar world. The president of the country Alexander Lukashenko announced about this during the meeting with the students of the Belarusian State University
Belarus stands for the formation of a multipolar world. The president of the country Alexander Lukashenko announced about this during the meeting with the students of the Belarusian State University.

At that day, the head of the state visited the educational building of the Belarusian State University, which had recently been opened, where two faculties were formed — of journalism and philosophy and social sciences. President liked a new study and research building, meeting the most contemporary requirements and European standards. Alexander Lukashenko became acquainted with development perspectives of the biggest university of the country, with material and technical base and organization of the educational process on the faculty of journalism, and also appeared before students on the topic “Belarus in the modern world”.

Talking about the place of the country in the contemporary world, the head of the state underlined separately, that foreign-policy strategy of Belarus is built on three fundamental principles: political sovereignty, economical openness, and equal partnership relations between the countries. “The golden rule of Belarusian foreign policy is multiple views and interest in mutually beneficial contacts”, — he underlined.

The voice of Belarus, according to Alexander Lukashenko, sounds steadily in the UNO, on forums of Non-alignment movement and other international organizations. “People know and respect Belarus as an outpost of peace, calmness and stability. Our country takes the lead in combating people trafficking, terrorism, military methods of solution of intergovernmental problems”, — he added.

Alexander Lukashenko announced, that unipolarity is a dangerous disease, which can lead to degradation and death of the world, because it totally kills the competition — a fundamental development principle of human civilization. “However, on a political map of the world new centres of force are formed and actively declare themselves, they are able to withstand imperial ambitions of one superpower”, — considers the head of the state. According to him, Belarus doesn’t fence off from anybody with an iron curtain. “Vice versa, we actively strive to cooperation with all the states. And, primarily, with such giants, as Russia, China, the countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa”, — noted Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko added, that the USA, which became the only superpower after breakdown of the USSR, adopted a tough course on construction of a unipolar world. Russia, India, China and Latin America can be a counterbalance of this imperial strategy in modern conditions. The head of the state is confirmed, that new centers of force will appear.

“Firm and independent position in international affairs, and not a shortage of liberty and democracy is the main reason, because of which threats and sanctions pour on Belarus”, — underlined Alexander Lukashenko. At that, the president called sanctions in relation to “Belneftekhim” concern the economical blackmail from the side of unfair rivals. According to him, during several years there were threats to arrest foreign bank accounts of Lukashenko and other leaders of Belarus. “When they didn’t find anything, they decided to throw on economical slipknot on the national enterprises, where thousands of people work, — said Alexander Lukashenko. — You can’t justify these methods. Not only we see their discrimination character, but also other countries, which support us”.

Alexander Lukashenko noted, that Belarus independently chooses its friends-allies. “Our country cooperates with China, Iran, Venezuela and other states. This causes irritation of the USA, — said the president. — Belarusian-Venezuelan relations are real contribution into formation of a multipolar world. Together we represent force, with which even superpowers will have to reckon”. At that, Alexander Lukashenko confirmed the interest of Belarus in holding the dialogue with the western countries, especially of the European Union. “Our approaches are extremely constructive: we need a dialogue and not a dictate! We are interested in cooperation with the western countries, especially of the European Union”, — said the head of the state.

Besides, nearly 40 percents of Belarusian export fall on the European Union. The market of the EU is the second for the republic by its importance after the Russian market. Economical partnership with the countries of this region promotes attraction of investments to Belarus, modern technologies, production modernization. From the other hand, trade with Belarus and participation in provision of Belarusian transit is one of the most important elements of economical, and, consequently, social strength for our closest neighbours — Poland and Baltic countries, noted Alexander Lukashenko.

President underlined, that when those countries entered into the European Union, with which Belarus had common historical roots and economical interrelations, the importance of an all-round dialogue with the EU increased by many times. “Today even on small issues of foreign policy and economy our neighbours have to look back on the central bo­dies of the European Union to a greater extent. I would like to note, that we said our western partners about possible problems many times, which the peoples of our countries can confront after expansion of the Schengen zone. Moreover, unilaterally we simplified the issue of Belarusian visas to the citizens of the EU to the maximum. We even left the principles of mutuality and established the price of visas at the rate of 25 Euro for the citizens of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia instead of 60 Euro. We initiated many offers on establishment of peculiar, more beneficial terms for border crossing by the frontier population and separate ca­tegories of the citizens. In fine, we do everything possible to avoid turning the border with the EU into an iron curtain, when it would be allowed crossing it only to the persons with a big purse”, — announced Alexander Lukashenko.

According to the president, common border also provides interaction on other issues, excluding visa issues. This is combat with transfrontier crimes, joint actions for accurate work of transport infrastructure, sustained development of frontier regions, connected with economical, ethnical and cultural relations.

By estimation of the president, movement on the axis Brussels-Minsk has been recently significantly activated. Several rounds of political consultations between Belarus and the EU occurred, a direct dialogue in the sphere of power engineering, transport, transit and ecology is formed.

Alexander Lukashenko noted, that today there is real mutual interest of Belarus and European Union to the development of really partnership relations in all spheres of cooperation. “We always proceeded from the fact, that the basis for such partnership shall be mutual respect, equal rights, consideration of each other’s interests and nonintervention into internal affairs, — said the head of the state. — Today the number of followers of exactly this pragmatic approach significantly increases in political and economical circles of the EU country members”.

He also noted, that negotiations on establishment of the representative office of the European Union in Belarus are in their final stage. Belarus connects its peculiar hopes for such a representative-office in development of mutually beneficial partnership with Europe.

Talking about cooperation with the Russian federation, Alexander Lukashenko noted: Belarus is a natural historical ally of Russia, it is connected with Russia with military and technical cooperation, spiritual ties, trade and economical interests. Within the frames of the union state it will be much easier for the countries to provide their sustained development, he thinks.

Alexander Lukashenko especially underlined: Belarus stands for the formation of the All-European safety system for all states without exclusion.
President also noted, that Belarus is interested in good neighborly partnership relations with Poland, because both nations are connected by the centuries-old traditions, friendship and mutual understanding.

Alexander Lukashenko also announced, that in Belarus the split of society on religious or national characteristic will never be allowed. Any expression of intolerance and discord, exacerbation of enmity and extremism will be decisively shot down in flames. The president also answered the reproaches of some “fighters for democracy”, who accuse Belarus of absence of the civil society. “Western Mass-Media like to blame us that we hinder the development of the civil society. Let’s see, what is really going on. More than 2 thousands of public associations and 15 political parties work in the country. Isn’t it the best proof?”, — he underlined. The basis of Belarusian civil society form local Councils of deputies, trade union, youth, veteran and female organizations. On the whole, they unite more than 6,5 million of people. “This is a great force. A different matter, that it does not always display itself actively, — said Alexander Lukashenko. — I think, that state bodies shall attract community to the development of projects of legal acts, which touch upon interests of the majority of citizens, take into account opinions and offers of people”.

During the talk with the students president touched upon other actual aspects of life of the Belarusian society. Thus, the head of the state expressed his assurance, that in Belarus similar approaches of business conduction by entrepreneurs and enterprises shall function.

Construction of the nuclear po­wer plant, in opinion of the head of the state, will allow decreasing the demand of Belarus in import energy sources by almost one third, and also significantly strengthening energetic and economical safety of the country. Apart from this, construction of our own nuclear power plant, as well as entry of Belarus to the number of space countries, will allow giving a “powerful impulse for intellectual jump in the republic”.

Talking about the role of Mass-Media in the country, Alexander Lukashenko announced, that Mass-Media in Belarus influence today the acceptance of the most important decisions on the national level. This is the most serious force, which in many ways defines the views, opinions and conception of people, the president is confirmed. Alexander Lukashenko added, that in parallel with the growth of authority and influence of Mass-Media their responsibility in front of the society for truth of information increased. At that, he underlined, that social responsibility of Mass-Media starts from conscience of each certain journalist and shall be based on honesty, decency and sense of civil duty.

After his performance Alexander Lukashenko answered the questions of the students. Answering the question on the term of acceptance of the Constitutional act of the union state, the president noted: future union Constitution should be not weaker, than the treaty of alliance, which is effective at the present moment.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed, that in any union state the principle of equal rights shall be observed. If it is not observed, the union is prospectless.

Vasiliy Kharitonov
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