Investments come in handy

Private plans to convert Soveiki Palace and Park Estate, in the Brest Region’s Lyakhovichi District, into a hotel 
By Irina Rutnikova

Two years ago, there were attempts to sell the beautiful late 18th-early 19th century estate at auction for $400,000. Of course, over the past 24 months, buildings have fallen into worse repair, being left empty. It’s hard to recognise the old sanatorium and hospital.

Recently, an investor was found: the joint company Belarusian-British Lada-Garant, based in Minsk. Mostly involved in the hotel business, it is ready to inject up to $1m into rebuilding the facilities, while preserving their historical and cultural character as a legacy for the future. The site itself fetched around $200,000.

Three historical and cultural sites have already been sold in the Brest Region: Gremyache Estate in the Kamenets District and Linovo Estate in the Pruzhany District’s Internatsionalny have already acquired new hosts, as has a steam powered mill in the Kamenets District’s Novitskovichi.
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