International business meetings set records

International Spring in Gomel Universal Fair — the largest in the region — brings together over 250 enterprises from CIS states and beyond
By Vasily Dikunov

The 9th Gomel Economic Forum, which took place at the same time, was attended by representatives of around 30 countries: the broadest yet. Alongside traditional partners, new businessmen from Ireland, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and a range of other states attended, showing rising interest in the forum. The first events only gathered representatives of diplomatic missions; now, companies and firms are eager to take part.

Guests were able to study various proposals: over 160 investment projects, 80 free land lots and 70 property sites. The spheres of application cover everything from industry to tourism. Moreover, new areas appeared at the forum: alternative power engineering and small-sized businesses.

As far as strategic projects in the Gomel Region are concerned, these primarily include the industrial development of the Petrikov potash salts deposit, with the construction of mining and processing facilities — as presented by Belaruskali JSC (keenly seeking a partner). Draft projects on the organisation of calcinated salt production in the Mozyr District and energy-saving glass at Gomelsteklo JSC were also presented.

While some companies arrived in Gomel to see the potential of the region, others may come to sign treaties. Projects to be implemented immediately after the forum include ‘solar parks’ in the Bragin and Yelsk districts — where Irish investors plan to set up solar powered batteries as an alternative energy source.
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