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Belarusian parliamentary delegation takes part in autumn session of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

By Yevgeny Kononov

Belarusian parliamentary delegation takes part in autumn session of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

The organisation is a convenient venue for discussing the globe’s most acute problems and paths of solution. This time, the Ukrainian crisis was to the fore, with Belarus’ views voiced authoritatively. The first steps on the way to the peace in Ukraine were recently taken in Minsk, in late August, when the Belarusian capital hosted a summit attracting representatives from the Customs Union, Ukraine and the European Union. Later, an agreement was signed on the cease-fire, with the results of those Minsk meetings praised by foreign experts.

No doubt, the peace-process will take time and effort. Speaking on the Ukrainian situation, the Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly’s House of Representatives, Victor Guminsky, underlined, “The Ukrainian crisis is a serious challenge to European security — including the OSCE and its military-political side.”

Since the beginning of the crisis, Belarus has been calling upon parties to abstain from violence and find a peaceful solution: no mere diplomatic rhetoric but a real compromise. With this in mind, Mr. Guminsky voiced a key thought in Geneva, saying that our country is ready to further contribute to the peace-process in Ukraine, in all possible formats — including as a negotiation venue.

Belarus has many times proposed initiatives at international forums. Over the past two years, two Belarus-promoted resolutions have been almost unanimously adopted at the OSCE PA: dealing with economic and social rights in the region. On meeting Mr. Guminsky, the Chairman of the OSCE PA, Ilkka Kanerva, voiced his appreciation of Belarus’ active position on the international arena.

Belarusian parliamentarians’ interest in the expansion of practical co-operation with foreign colleagues was proven by Mr. Guminsky’s meetings with Didier Burkhalter — the Swiss President and the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, and his meetings with heads of German, Slovakian, Finnish, Swiss, Czech and Montenegrin delegations. Importantly, those meetings demonstrate that dialogue with the West is warming and that the role of deputies is significant. More talks are being organised for various venues and at various levels.
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