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Belarusian State University wins seven new international projects in contests for EU educational programmes
The BSU has won four projects as part of the Tempus programme: ‘Inter-University Start-up Centres for Students’ Innovations Development & Promotion’; ‘Integrated Systems of University Management — EU Experience for CIS’; ‘Development of Training Network for Improving Education in Energy Efficiency’; and ‘Human Security’ (environmental protection, control over food quality, health protection and socio-legal protection) in areas affected by radioactive pollution.

The remaining projects are to be realised as part of the Erasmus Mundus programme, including ‘Mobility for Innovation and Development’ and ‘All Europe without Borders’.

The Tempus programme has been operating in Belarus since 1993, completing 12 projects at the BSU to promote social and economic reform and develop systems of higher education in EU partner countries.

The Erasmus Mundus programme began in the Republic in 2007, aiming to strengthen and develop European collaboration and international ties in higher education, as well as the organisation of academic exchanges and the development of joint educational programmes. Over the five years of its operation, three projects have been implemented by the BSU.
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