Innovations to bring benefits

Belarus to launch serial manufacture and export of pilotless aircraft

By Olga Belyaeva

A new state programme for innovative development includes the creation of multi-functional pilotless aircraft; the applications are wide notes Sergey Rakhmanov, the Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ Presidium. He adds that such equipment has never before been produced in Belarus.

Pilotless aircraft are low in cost, while allowing territories to be monitored for various purposes: to prevent fires, observe agricultural lands, conduct ecological monitoring and control transport flow. They will be equipped with the most modern optical equipment, worthily rivalling foreign analogues. “The production of these planes gives us an additional mechanism to efficiently realise serious economic projects,” notes Mr. Rakhmanov. “Such projects arouse great interest among our foreign colleagues.”

In the coming five years, the National Academy of Sciences is to realise 11 major innovative projects, including production of light-emitting diodes (jointly with German investors) and the opening of a Republican Centre for Genetic Marking and Passportisation of Animals, Plants, Micro-organisms and People. In addition, dairy animal breeding is to receive genetic help and a new plant is to be built to protect metals against corrosion through hot galvanising.

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