Initiatives receive new impetus

Concrete steps towards developing Belarusian segment of Internet

The winner of 100 Ideas for Belarus, Pavel Batsylev, has developed a mobile application in Belarusian language, for use with the Android operating system. Called ‘Friends United’ it helps users locate old friends and classmates, chatting online, free of charge. Meanwhile, the Vitebsk Region’s Alexander Tumovsky has created a new platform for Quisety sites and Minsk Region pupil Ivan Klechkovsky has developed a mobile application for use with the Android operating system called ‘Tourist Assistant’ — which contains the most common phrases in English. Andrey Khramtsov’s ‘Student Helper’ is an organiser for lesson timetables, examinations, educational literature and crib-sheets.

The Chairman of the Central Supervisory Commission of the BRSM Youth Union, who co-ordinates 100 Ideas for Belarus, Alesya Vinnik, notes the importance of the event, with its usual format and open dialogue, which encourages expression of opinions. The contest unites young people countrywide: not only delegates, but also those participating online, looking at recent news on social networks and on the sites of news agencies.

“Young people looked forward to this event. It was important to hear what commissions would be given by the President, and which directions he would specify. The conference predetermined further strategies of work with young people,” underlines Ms. Vinnik. She adds that the initiative looks to the future, with its road map defined last year. “This year, we’ll develop a regulatory legal act to set up a system of selection, financing and further embodiment of young people’s ideas. We’re proud that people know about the project not only in our country, but abroad. Not only ideas are important but that people should know our inventors — within their branch specialism and countrywide.”

By Veniamin Mikheev
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