Incentive to do business

Foreign companies praise Belarus’ investment potential

By Olga Lyubomudrova

UFS Investment Company’s managing partner, Yelena Zheleznova, has recently told a press conference in Minsk that Belarus boasts huge potential and fine investment opportunities. She noted that UFS IC is opening an office in Belarus. “It’s no accident that the company has decided to develop its business in Belarus. The country has huge potential and its own unique market, which we’ve now studied,” Ms. Zheleznova explained. After tapping the Belarusian market, UFS IC plans to develop corporate financing, operating on sovereign, municipal and corporate debt markets, while modernising and enhancing the capitalisation of Belarusian companies.

“The most promising investment areas for us are direct capital investment, debt capital markets, and work with Belarus’ sovereign Eurobonds,” stressed Ms. Zheleznova. She added that the company’s experts are making a thorough study of state-run companies’ privatisation in Belarus, showing considerable interest in the chemical and oil refining industries. “Belarus has a considerable number of companies that have preserved their industrial potential, yet their facilities need upgrading,” she said.

UFS Investment Company is an international investment company, offering a full range of financial solutions. It employs corporate finance experts with experience of working for major world banks and enjoys authority among clients and contracting parties on the markets of securities, assets and structural products, liaising with all major market participants.

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