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Implementation of beneficial project

Swiss-Belarusian transport plant to launch manufacture in 2014
By Vladimir Matveev

“The first part of the plant is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2013, allowing the first products to appear in 2014,” noted Belarus’ Prime Minister, Mikhail Myasnikovich, while laying a ceremonial foundation stone at the future plant.

The investment project to jointly produce railway and urban passenger electric transport is envisaged by Decree #322 (dated 20th July 2012). The Holding Management Company Belkommunmash OJSC and Stadler Rail AG (Switzerland) have signed an investment project for 2012-2016, giving the Swiss company a 60 percent stake in the future company’s authorised fund. It will design and build the enterprise, while organising engineering and transport infrastructure. Belkommunmash OJSC will contribute part of its property in-kind into the authorised capital of Electric Transport JSC (Minsk). The Belarusian-Swiss JV will generate 200 new jobs, and will produce goods for sale at home and within the CIS.

Recently, Mr. Myasnikovich took part in a ceremony to lay a symbolic capsule bearing a message for our descendants, on the construction site of the Belarusian-Swiss plant, which is to produce urban passenger and railway transport in the Minsk Region’s Fanipol.

The Prime Minister underlines that the launch of the joint Belarusian-Swiss enterprise is a new page for the Belarusian economy and industrial complex. He also stresses that the project involves intellectual and production expertise from Belarus and Switzerland. He explains, “We plan to construct high-tech railway and urban electric transport meeting European and world levels. Its construction will enable Belarus to meet domestic needs and sell to the Customs Union market, while developing exports beyond the CIS.” He emphasises that the construction of the joint plant will take place quickly and notes that Swiss partner Peter Spuhler — the director and owner of Stadler Rail AG — has brought a major delegation of businesses from Switzerland and Germany to Belarus. A meeting took place with the Government, leaving participants pleased. It is hoped that the joint plant will inspire further projects, stresses the PM.
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