Idea aiming to bring business, society and state closer to each other

International Social-Economic Fund — Idea — launches its operation in Belarus

By Yekaterina Markova

The Idea Fund has been established as a centre of communication between businesses, civil society and the state. “This three-sectoral scheme of partnership will enable businesses to meet the social needs of society, with help from the state, while promoting a company’s image and gaining commercial profit,” notes the Fund’s Director for Corporate Social Responsibility, Victor Radkov. He adds that, at present, many fail to understand that businesses must be socially responsible and that charity activity is important.

“These basic principles have pushed us to establish the Fund. Its foremost task — at least for the near future — is to promote a culture of social responsibility in Belarus,” asserts Mr. Radkov. He explains that the Fund primarily aims to develop efficient dialogue between business, society and the state. “Based on partner relations, it will initiate and oversee the development of unique social programmes in the spheres of culture, sports, tourism, media and services,” Mr. Radkov adds.

2012 celebrates the 125th birth of the great Belarusian painter, Marc Chagall, with the Fund planning to decorate houses along Minsk’s Nezavisimosti Avenue with huge reproductions of his paintings. “This will be possible if the city authorities allow it; the idea is fascinating,” he says. Apart from developing the social branch, Idea will render support to public and business structures within local, regional and republican authorities, as well as developing and realising international co-operation programmes.

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