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‘I want to understand the work of our country’s foremost special services’

Belarus’ foreign economic and foreign political positions have undergone serious change, with state security bodies reacting promptly to modern challenges and threats

Speakingat a session of the State Security Committee (KGB), devoted to security achievements of 2011 and tasks for 2012, President Alexander Lukashenko stressed, “As you know, we are now a member of the Single Economic Space. Probably, you already know the advantages and disadvantages. We are a CSTO member. Serious changes are happening in this military-political block, with Belarus’ steady influence. Our relations with the West, the USA and other countries have a certain dynamism — which is hardly new for the KGB or the state’s leadership. This cannot but influence the domestic situation, falling under the eye of the country’s major special service.”

The President stressed that the session was not a ‘parade’, saying, “I’m primarily concerned with listening to you as I want to understand the work of our country’s foremost special services.”

Before the session, the heads of the State Security Committee informed the President of the work of intelligence and counterintelligence. Later, Mr. Lukashenko took part in an extended session, which also gathered heads of other agencies of the Committee, discussing general issues with which the Committee is currently involved. The organisation’s work received a principal assessment, with further avenues outlined, and routes to enhanced efficiency elaborated for the Committee.

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