Hotel carrying you to Kiev

By 2012, tourists arriving in Pripyat Polesie will be able to stay in an unusual hotel — the first of its kind in the country…floating on the River Strumen, in the Zhitkovichi District

By Irina Bokova

The view from the hotel windows will be constantly changing, since the hotel will cruise along the Pripyat River, pulled by a special tug-boat. Guests will be able to travel all the way from Pinsk to Mozyr and perhaps onto Kiev, explains Turovshchina JSC — the organisation supervising the project.

“We plan to float the hotel on May 1st,” notes Vladimir Fitsner, the Head of Turovshchina JSC’s Tourism Department. “Its metal case was welded at Pinsk Shipyard; the blockhouse is ready and, soon, windows will be added. The one storey hotel will be able to accommodate 15 guests, in one and two berth cabins, boasting every possible amenity, even a kitchen. It’s likely that hunters will be the most frequent guests. All that’s needed now are special quays along the route.”

The floating hotel isn’t the only interesting site soon to appear in Pripyat Polesie, as a boat station is being built in Turov and a nature museum is being founded in Lyaskovichi.

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