The number of transplants in Belarus over the last decade multiplies

Highly indicative dynamics

The number of operations conducted since 2005 has enjoyed a 55 fold increase. In many respects, this is possible owing to the fact that — alongside posthumous organs — we’ve been developing organ donation from living donors. This year, over 500 organ transplants will be made”, the Head of the Department of Nephrology, Kidney Replacement Therapy and Kidney Transplantation at Minsk’s 9th City Clinical Hospital, Oleg Kalachik, explains. He is renowned for his work on the Development and Deployment of the Technology of Organ Transplantation in Children and Adults; the latter is on the list of papers competing for the state awards in science and technology in 2016.

Mr. Kalachik reminds us that the co-ordination service for organ donation is already established in Belarus. It is engaged in the identification of potential donors.  “Thanks to it, Belarus has increased the number of organ donors 42 fold. It compares well in the international ratings: our country is now tenth among the states conducting transplant activity,” he adds.

In addition, the specialist notes, since 2006, members of the research group have been actively participating in work aimed at changing transplant legislation. As a result, we have a progressive law which enables each Belarusian to use his Constitutional right to specialised medical care in the form of transplants.

Transplants have already become a specific brand of Belarusian medicine. A new avenue in clinical medicine has virtually been created. “Moreover, we’ve ensured the export growth of medical services: last year, it exceeded $5mln. We’ve achieved the economic benefit of over 45 million Euros thanks to saving money on sending patients abroad for treatment,” the doctor commented.
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