High-speed route for passengers

Just two hours from Minsk to Vilnius

By Olga Belyavskaya

Belarusian and Lithuanian railways’ working groups have met in Minsk to discuss conditions for a high-speed passenger route between Minsk and Vilnius. The major goal of their joint work is to reduce the time needed to travel between our two capitals: from four to two hours.

The initial stage envisages a one hour cut in time (to three hours), with 50 minutes saved between Minsk and Gudogai (on the state border) and 10 minutes saved from Vilnius to Kena (state border). The second stage envisages a saving of 23 minutes on Belarusian territory and 7 minutes on the Lithuanian side, with a final half hour saved in the third stage.

Belarusian and Lithuanian border and customs services also attended the meeting, discussing how best to reduce time spent on customs and border checking as the two pairs of trains travel between Minsk and Vilnius.

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