Help arrives for Gomel resident in severe frost

The Christmas story with a happy ending happened to 35-year-old Gomel resident
The Christmas story with a happy ending happened to 35-year-old Gomel resident. 

Having celebrated the holiday with friends, he was returning home on foot. After a short while, the alcohol he’d drunk began to take effect, and К decided to have a little rest in a snowdrift in Sosnovaya Street near reception point ‘Vtorsyrie’. He fell asleep and, had the frost taken hold, the story could have had a tragic end, were it not thanks to an inspector of the State Traffic Police. The senior lieutenant of the police and employee of the State Traffic Police at the Gomel Regional Executive Committee’s Internal Affairs Department, Ignaty Moroz, described how he saw a man in the snow, “Having seen a cap in a snowdrift, I approached and saw a sleeping man. He was well-dressed. I asked where he lived and he managed to mumble his address. I would usually take him to sober up at a police station, but not wanting to spoil his holidays, I woke him up, gave him some tea, and took him home. His wife was taken aback when her husband was delivered directly to his apartment. Later we realised that he’d been lay for about an hour in a snowdrift. It is lucky that he did not suffer from any frostbite.”

By Sergey Galkovsky

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