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Heart to heart

Great Patriotic War veteran Kazimir Dushkevich, from Gomel, is among first to become Internet ‘pen pal’
Schoolchildren, students and young people are eager to engage veterans as ‘pen pals’ with the help of the Internet. One such correspondent is Kazimir Dushkevich, who went to the frontline in 1944, at the age of 17. He served in Poland and was wounded in Germany at the age of 18, being given the Order of Glory — the most honourable award for soldiers. He smiles, “These young people are great; their idea is wonderful.” The plan was initiated by young Gomel painter Natalia Dobrodeneva, who wishes to see the project continue long term. She has created an Internet community where members can write to lonely elderly and disabled people. “They can write of anything — their studies, the view from the window or the latest news. We even have a girl who writes from China. Just imagine, someone living in a home for the elderly receives a letter from Beijing. It’s great!”
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