Head banker is confident

Belarus’ international reserve assets to increase by at least $1.2bn in 2011, following IMF standards

The Chairman of the Board of Belarus’ National Bank, Piotr Prokopovich, has told the media, “We expect to see more opportunities to build our gold and currency reserves next year.” As of November 1st, 2010, our international reserve assets (calculated using international methods) stood at $5,848.2m (up over 3 percent since earlier this year). Calculated using national methods, our gold and currency reserves amounted to $6,365m (up almost $400m since earlier this year).

Mr. Prokopovich notes that the international reserve assets of Belarus are to rise by at least $500m this year. “There is no doubt that, by January 1st, 2011, they will have increased by at least $500m, compared with January 1st, 2010,” he assures us.

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