He will sing “Hasta la vista”

At the international contest “Eurovision-2008” Ruslan Alekhno will represent Belarus
At the international contest “Eurovision-2008” Ruslan Alekhno will represent Belarus.

Alekhno goes to Serbia. Many people forecasted victory to Ruslan before the final of the national contest “EuroFest”, that is why the choice of professional jury wasn’t a surprise for anybody.
In the Palace of sport an event took place, to which people prepared many months. In 2007 to the contest “EuroFest” 122 applications were filed from the authors and performers of the song, out of them 76 performers were admitted to audition. For the first time in this final four participants were included: bands “Po glazam” and “Litesound”, Gunesh and Ruslan Alekhno. Exactly his song “Hasta la Vista” conquered the competent jury under the guidance of Mikhail Finberg.
The singer noted, that, despite of the general confidence, he was anxious till the very end. Alekhno was glad with his performance, but he added, that he had to do a lot: to record remixes of a contest song, to shot a video clip. Apart from that, there is a promo-tour in the member countries ahead. The Head of the National contest “EuroFest” Alexander Tikhanovich stressed, that Belarus was lucky: we were one of the first to determine, who was to reproduce our country at the contest in Serbia, and that is why we have time for good preparation.
Apart from Ruslan, other participants of the contest also came to the performance with full responsibility. Thus, for example, a hot beauty Gunesh changed her image. Kariakiny brothers from “Litesound” diversified their performance with pyrotechnic effects. Ksiusha Sitnik, the winner of the children’s contest “Eurovision-2005” performed with a band “Po glazam”. All the participants of the contest’s final told, that they wouldn’t stop on the achieved. Thus, Gunesh expressed her wish to apply one more time for the next contest. For a young band “Litesound” not victory is so important, but participation. Besides, exactly owing to EuroFest, the band became known three months ago. Since that time, the band constantly takes part in the selection for “Eurovision”. The guys reached final for the first time this year.
The concert didn’t manage without star guests. In EuroFest took part the winners of the contest “Eurovision” of different years: Sertab (Turkey, 2003), Ruslana (Ukraine, 2004), band “Lordi” (Finland, 2006). Apart from that, in the Palace of sport performed the winners of the children’s song contest “Eurovision-2005” Ksenia Sitnik and “Eurovision-2007” Alexey Zhigalkovich. From Moscow came a participant of “Eurovision-2005” Natalya Podolskaya and the possible representative of Russia in this contest Alexander Panayotov. By the way, Ruslan Alekhno and Alexander Panayotov are old friends: they got acquainted during a TV-show “The people’s artist-2”.
Behind the scenes Panayotov supported his friend and shared his excitement. Of course: soon Russia will have to determine the representative of the country at the contest. Producers of young “people’s artists” Kim Breitburg and Evegeniy Friedland arrived to Minsk. This is considered a good sign for the performers.
Unusual interest of Minsk public aroused a red-blooded Ukrainian Ruslana, who showed real wild dances on the stage, and monsters from Finland, a rock-band “Lordi”. In spite of the awesome appearance, the Finns turned out to be pleasant interlocutors, with the sense of humor. It is true, they didn’t take off their masks. Besides, as the guests from Finland confessed, they went for Gunesh.
The passions will quiet down after the final of “EuroFest”, each performer will be occupied with his business and write, I hope, good music. And in the end of May we will gather at the TV-screens to go for Ruslan Alekhno.

Olga Kiseleva
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