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Minsk has celebrated its 948th birthday at more than 60 festive venues

Happy birthday, dear capital!

Minsk has celebrated its 948th birthday at more than 60 festive venues. 

As is traditional, the holiday opened with the laying of flowers on the Minsk Hero-City Memorial, other major solemn events taking place near the Palace of Sports. The Stars of the Capital festive programme also took place and invited guests enjoyed an exhibition of folk craftsmen, as well as a tournament of strength.

The Upper Town hosted a Heart of the Capital thematic programme and both native Minskers and visitors to the city were invited to immerse themselves in other ages during the international festival of historical reconstruction taking place on the crossroads of Pobediteley Avenue and Masherov Avenue, in the green zone area. Meanwhile, nine couples exchanged wedding rings in the historic centre of the Upper Town. On entering the Concert Hall, the couples were welcomed by courtiers (dressed in costume) and musicians. After the solemn registration of the wedding, some took rides in a horse-drawn carriage.

Belarus 1 TV Channel presented Minskers and guests with a large concert held on the open ground near the Palace of Sports and featuring popular Belarusian soloists and bands. The famous singers and Belarus 1 TV hosts, Teo and Daria, created a festive mood. The concert also featured Uzari, Daniil Dubravin, Sasha Nemo, Bycity, Ruslan Aslanov (who represented Belarus at the 2015 International Junior Eurovision Contest) and other artistes.

The celebrations closed with musical fireworks, near the Minsk Hero-City Memorial.

By Alexander Pimenov

Photo: Vitaly Gil, BelTA
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