Guests welcome to sit by the fire

At Ganna’s cafe opens in village of Dolzha, on border of Gorodok and Vitebsk districts

By Yelena Beganskaya

The cafe fulfils a social rather than a commercial role, while harmoniously supplementing the infrastructure of the existing leisure facilities, situated on the bank of a picturesque lake. It’s close to the city and convenient transport links, while offering beautiful surroundings.

The two storey wooden building, with glassed and open air halls, can accommodate up to 60 diners. It even has a VIP hall decorated in European style, with a French fireplace — creating a cosy resting place whatever the weather.
Outside, there’s an open green space for relaxing, a quay, summerhouses, decorative planting, two children’s playgrounds and a quaint lane leading to the lake.

The Head of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee’s Department for Trade and Services, Irina Levkovich, tells us that similar objects aim to serve local citizens and foreign guests alike, offering the quality of service that travellers have come to expect.

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